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TSChatWise — A Google Chat Education Tool

Take your G Suite organization’s education to the next level with TSChatWise … a Google Sheets and Apps Script powered Google Chat tool for teaching and learning. 🚀

This post is the first in a TSChatWise “Getting Started” series.

A Brief History

I like shortcuts! I’m in constant search of what I deem to be the most simple, efficient and effective shortcuts. I consider any tool, system or methodology which helps me streamline workflow and save precious time a shortcut. When I believe I’ve discovered (or perhaps created) a shortcut, especially a G Suite shortcut, I like to share that shortcut with others.

Introducing TSChatWise — a teaching and learning shortcut to greatly simplify and expand your G Suite organization’s educational capacity.

TSChatWise in a Nutshell

TSChatWise — About

What is TSChatWise?

TSChatWise is a Google Sheets and Apps Script powered Google Chat teaching and learning “bot”.

👉 See Getting Started with Google Chat if you’re new to Google Chat.

👉 See my last post if you’re new to Google Chatbots.

Who can use TSChatWise?

TSChatWise can be used by any G Suite for Education or G Suite for Business organization with Google Chat enabled.

👉 Have questions about Google Chat? See Google Chat Help.

👉 Want to include external participants in your Google Chat learning? See this guide.

What does TSChatWise do?

TSChatWise posts lessons (or learning resources) specified in a Google Sheet to one or more Google Chat rooms on a time interval specified by the Google Sheet owner.

👉 See the Google Chat rooms documentation if you’re new to Google Chat rooms.

👉 TSChatWise is intended to complement the learning environment fostered by Google Classroom.

Why would I use TSChatWise?

TSChatWise is:

👉 G Suite

👉 Mobile Friendly

👉 Convenient for Instructors

  • Post creatively curated lessons and resources on a pre-scheduled interval
  • Support a “Go-Slow” learning approach (see Alice Keeler’s Go-Slow Workshops for more information)
  • Foster collaboration and discussion
  • Include Internal and External participants

👉 Convenient for Participants

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn on your own schedule
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Search lesson and resource archives

👉 Open Source

Potential Uses for TSChatWise


  • Provide Professional Development Training
  • Onboard New Staff Members
  • Share School and District Resources
  • Supply IT Help Desk Solutions to Remote Users


  • Onboard New Hires
  • Train Teams
  • Innovate on New Product Ideas
  • Share Support Resources with External Customers & Clients

😀🥝⚽⛰️🏖️🗾💡 AD HOC

  • Master a New Language
  • Explore Places of Interest
  • Share Health and Fitness Tips
  • Learn to Code
  • Inspire Busy Professionals with Easy to Prepare Meals

🚀 … and the list goes on

In upcoming posts I’ll discuss how to install and use TSChatWise.

Looking for the code? See the TSChatWise project on Github.

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